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Papua New Guinea Tourist Guide

Coastal cruise boats provide an opportunity to explore the many off-shore islands of Papua New Guinea, including New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover and the coral atolls around Nuguria. The clear waters of the Bismark Sea have abundant sea life to delight divers and the harbour of Kavieng has several wreck dive sites. The shores of Papua New Guinea have great surfing waves. Picaninny Point near Kavieng town is the best known location.

The Sepik river is the route into the interior of the mainland and leads to the Black Waters and Karawari rivers. A river cruise is a great way to encounter local people and their traditional way of life. Shallow draft expedition boats get you to remote corners of the Sepik River region. You will encounter primitive tribal cultures, see indigenous artwork and artefacts, visit remote villages, and come across some fascinating relics of World War II. In bustling markets you can shop for stone and wooden carvings, woven goods and baskets, shell necklaces and clay pottery.

Papua New Guinea occupies half of the island of New Guinea and numerous off-shore islands in Melanesia, southwestern Pacific Ocean. It's one of the least explored places on the earth and the majority of the population live a traditional, rural village lifestyle. This is a tropical paradise that time has forgotten and where few tourists venture. It is a rugged mountainous country, about the size of California, and is one of the only countries close to the Equator that experiences snowfall in winter. The capital, Port Moresby, is the largest of the few urban centers in the country.

Papua New Guinea has close ties with Australia and gained independence only in 1975.

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