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Brazil Tourist Guide

As the heart of South America, Brazil is a vast landmass that overwhelms in its magnitude. Its diverse landscape collides with its vibrant cities. Exotic rainforests seen from a boat ride up the Amazon; white sandy beaches admired from the bow of an anchored yacht; or glorious cities seen from the deck of an arriving cruise ship, Brazil offers something spectacular to any visitor.

The attraction of Brazil is easy to understand. Different parts of the country offer contrasting experiences, but they all offer one thing in common: the opportunity to relax and invigorate the soul in an intoxicating mix of culture, carnival and color. The beautiful Rio de Janeiro is one of the world great cities, where beaches, mountains and rainforests collide with samba music and great food. And there is the Amazon: the second longest river in the world, which flows from humble beginnings deep in the rainforests of Peru before emptying into the Atlantic in the northeast of the Brazil. This mighty waterway is home to exotic wildlife and marine life, in the form of leopards, piranhas, toucans, anacondas, macaws.

With so much of the country linked with water, though the lengthy coast and the mighty Amazon, there are a number of boating options. Experience the mountains and interiors of the interior though the vast waterways of the Amazon; or sail into Rio de Janeiro, where white beaches and luscious landscapes greet the visitor. Alternatively, yacht cruises are available to sail amongst the tranquil islands off the coast. In this diverse and remarkable country, there is a water adventure to suit all tastes.

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