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Chile Tourist Guide

This narrow country offers a reminder of the sheer power of nature. From the mountains of the north to the glaciers of the south, the traveler will be swept away by the deserts, forests and beaches inbetween. Increasingly, this beautiful scenery is being explored from the sea, with cruises sailing down the coast from the sunny and relaxed port of Arica in the north to the cold, desolate landscape of Punta Arenas in the south, just one stop from Antarctica.

Chile has a reputation as one of the safest countries in South America, which gives ample opportunity for the traveler to head out and discover all parts of this diverse place. It is hard to believe that such a diverse landscape can exist in one country. From the fertile vineyards of Central Valley that produce some of the world's finest wines, to the desolate desert regions of the north, to the windswept and pristine environment of Patagonia, which has been a favorite with explorers and adventurers through the centuries. And then there are the lively cities, such as Santiago and Valparaiso.

With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, there is a fantastic opportunity to explore the landscapes of Chile from the water. There are numerous port cities, which are as diverse as the landscape that you will travel through. The historical port town of Valparaiso, which is fast becoming the choice destination for food and lodging, is regarded as one of the most captivating cities in the country. In the north there is Arica, the bay on the desert coast and in the far south there is the fiercely independent city of Punta Arenas, with its howling winds, indicating that Antarctica is your next destination.

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